Sound Generator Circuit

admin November 2, 2018 1 Comment
Scream Generator Circuit Scream generating circuit? Well actually this is a simple sound generator circuit, but of course, you can create a screaming sound with it. It has unlimited possibilities in pranks and Halloween, just use your imagination. It works...
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Sensitive Intruder Alarm Circuit

admin November 2, 2018 74 Comments
Super light Sensitive Intruder Alarm Circuit Intruder alarms are popular devices used in high-security areas as well as civilian houses to detect and alarm the presence of any intruders. There are different kinds of intruder detection alarms, some detect...
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DoorBell circuit using UM 66 IC

admin November 9, 2018 29 Comments
Doorbell Circuit Description Related Posts: Melody Generator using UM 66 Door Bell Circuit Using NE555   The main objective of the doorbell circuit is to convert electrical signals (input) into audio signals (output) with a single press of a...
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Flasher Circuit using NE 555

admin October 30, 2018 30 Comments
In this project, we’re building a simple Lamp Flasher circuit using NE 555. A lamp flasher is nothing but a lamp dimmer circuit – where the lamp is turned ON/OFF at set frequency or time intervals. We’ve designed this...
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Touch Switch Circuit

admin October 30, 2018 35 Comments
In this project guide, we’re building a Touch Switch Circuit using NE 555 IC. As you know, NE/SE 555 is a very popular timer IC with multiple applications in different projects. A touch switch is basically a simple switching...
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Automatic Wiper Control Circuit

jacky October 30, 2018 14 Comments
In this project, let’s learn about automatic wiper control using NE555 IC. As you all know, NE/SE 555 is one of the most common timer IC ever created in the world. There is absolutely no electronics enthusiast who has...
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Simple Radio Circuit using Op Amp

admin October 17, 2018 13 Comments
Simple Radio Circuit Op-amp is the short form for Operation Amplifier. It is a device used to amplify voltage, and is very popular due to its high gain amplification. It can often amplify voltage to hundred times of what...
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Power Supply Circuit using LM 317

admin October 17, 2018 22 Comments
Power Supply Circuit-40 Volts-2A LM317 is a widely used linear voltage regulator. It has 3 pins; input, output and adjustment. LM317 are energy wasters and always require a heat sink to keep the temperature of the circuit low. But...
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Simple Amplifier Circuit

admin November 6, 2018 17 Comments
19 Watts Simple Amplifier Circuit Description This is a 19 watt simple amplifier circuit diagram using IC LA4440 from Sanyo. It uses very less components other than the IC LA4440. A very high quality circuit with respect to its...
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InfraRed (IR) Sensor/Detector Circuit

jacky November 6, 2018 15 Comments
InfraRed (IR) Sensor/Detector Circuit Description The IR circuit described below is mainly designed for liquid level detection or proximity detection. The IR sensors used here are an IR LED and an IR photo diode. The circuit operates by detecting the...
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