A  recent Gartner Inc survey reveals the upcomong boom in the global industry, Video Telepresence which may kill or damage the Airline and Hospitality business drastically. They say “Video Telepresence will replace 2.1 million airline seats anually” which’s damn serious to airline giants. As a side effect, it will also affect the Hospitality businesses and other related stuffs.

What is video telepresence ?

Its sth similar to the old “video conferencing” but highly highly advanced in technology and quality. It helps avoid many “face to face” meetings in the corporate world, that not necessary.

Gartner fellow Steve Prentice says companies must educate themselves on the scope and capabilities of telepresence systems. “The challenge of the current economic conditions demands that every organisation revisit the need for face-to-face meetings,” said Prentice. “Telepresence is not the answer in every circumstance, and there will always be strong cultural and other reasons for face to face encounters, particularly in Asia. But not every meeting needs to be face to face, and there is no doubt that telepresence and other approaches to virtual collaboration such as Immersive Workspace, which is built on top of Second Life, or yet to be released solutions will provide a real alternative for many businesses. Companies should put aside previous prejudices and bad memories of older video-conferencing services and seriously investigate these new technologies.”

How it affects the airline industry ?

With most companies installing the Video Telepresence technology, the need for unnecessary travel gets eliminated and hence they save a lot of money and time. Airlines will loose their tickets and hence a drastic reduction in their Annual turn over. Though they will stand, because tourists, immigrants and emmigrants always need their help!


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