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Track Lighting System

Many home owners spend a lot of time and money creating the perfect spaces in their home from choosing painted fabrics to furniture art and decor. But, many also do not know that by designing with light, they can highlight all of these features. Track lighting is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to do it. Track lighting is also a really easy way to add light and direct that light exactly where you want it.

If you want to customize the number of lights to be added to a single switch, it can be easily done with the help of a track lighting system. Through this method, you can add how many ever individual light fixture lamps as needed.

Track Light Installation Steps – Video

Track lighting installation is pretty simple. A track lighting kit consists of a mounting plate, a track, a mounting housing cover plate and the individual lighting fixtures. A wiring hub is present in the mounting hub that connects the power to the track. This wiring hub has to be wired into the wiring that already exists.

The complete track light installing method is given in the video below. Take a look.



1. The first step in installing a tracking light is turning off the power at the circuit breaker.
2. If your ceiling already has an electrical box, you can install a track lighting adaptor on the top of it. If there is no electrical box, you will have to put one in. Before moving into the next step, make sure that the wiring is off with the help of a tester.
3. Then, figure out which parts of the rooms or walls you will like to highlight. Use masking tapes to layout a pattern for the tracks (Starting at the electrical box). Most track lighting should be installed 18 to 24 inches from the wall.
4. Once a pattern is established, replace the tape with chalk whites. Cut the track to the proper length and connect it to the adapter. Mark the holes and use the mounting screw to attach the track to the ceiling.
5. Attach it to the ceiling at different points with toggle bolts. Do not tighten them until all the tracks have been installed. Then, work your way around the rest of the room, adding new track sections one piece at a time. According to your needs, the track lights may differ. Some tracks may be a straight run, while some others may require that you install “T’s” or corners.
6. Finally, add the fixtures. They have to be inserted into the track slot and have to be turned 90 degrees until they snap. They can be easily installed anywhere along the track and are completely adjustable. Lock the track lights to secure them into place.
7. At last, make sure that the plate is grounded.
8. As a test, turn back the power and turn on the switch to which the track lights are powered. If the lights turn on, you have successfully installed your track lights.
9. Each track light kit may differ according to the number of lights track lighting project and the maximum wattage per circuit.

LED Track Lighting

The next important point to be noted is choosing the right bulb, not only for the right colour of the light but also for the right type of light for the space. These two points can bring a huge difference in the effects you are trying to achieve. The latest versions of LED bulbs are the best for using in track lighting systems. They are not only economic, but also live longer than any other bulb. They also consume only 80% lesser energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs. They also give off very low heat, when compared to other bulbs.

To know more about LED, use the the link below.




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