Watch this video now! is it true or a damn non sense?

We can see that the guy who  looks like an astronaut places the PCB inside microwave & runs away! Within 10 seconds the oven explodes & they claim that – if a PCB is placed inside an oven (switched ON) – it will explode! Take a close look @ the video. Before the PCB catches fire, microwave oven starts to burn from backside! Did you see? Take a keen look @ video! How come fire through backside of oven? I think its  damn rubbish & it can not happen. This video is created either for fun or for a controversy creation.

What you guys think? Post your comments here!



  1. Mark Harder

    Yes, microwaving a fully populated board is not the same as trying to nuke a printed board without components. It also makes more sense for the oven, not the board itself, to explode like the one in the video. The currents induced by the microwave energy take so much power from the microwave circuitry, that the latter overloads and can catch fire or explode. It’s like having a dead short in a circuit that can put out 1500 Watts trying to keep those copper antennae on the board saturated.

  2. convection microwave oven

    The video isn’t real. I agree with you.

  3. gabriel gomez

    es un engaño en horno microhonda no tiene la suficiente potencia para producir una explocion de esa magnitud.

  4. this is completely cheating one
    if an electrolytic capacitor is placed in a high denser microwave region( a PCB which contain electrolytic capacitors), the capacitor will be explode within 30 seconds.

  5. are right.while watching the video i noticed that the fire from the backside of oven makes the PCB to burn and it exploded.but there is also a chance for the PCB to explode when it is heated by external supply in a closed container.we have to do re-search to confirm these things.

  6. nice find. but i suspect its credibility, because i have heard that microwave can heat up only the water content present in matter (like in food substances). metal….i dont know

    there’s a chance that this is a spoof, video is not continuous at many places!!!

    can you research more on this topic ?