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CT Store – DIY Electronic Project Kits for Engineering Students

Engineering and other technical students are looking for resources and guidance to completing the project work as per the university guidelines and thus empower themselves with the latest industry oriented technologies to bridge the gap between academics and industry and enhance their employment opportunities.

We, CircuitsToday Electronic Solutions provide innovative project solutions to students through our online store – Store.CircuitsToday.com for purchasing. All the project kits offered in our store are designed to be user-friendly and self-explanatory.

We provide professionally designed ‘Do It Yourself Project Kits’ and accessories for the engineering and technical students powered with a complete learning, full technical support and practical exposure in the form of audio-visuals which explain the functioning and practical applications of each and every component used in the project with 100% guaranteed output.

Electronic Project Kits:

  1. Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper using Arduino
  2. Automatic Water Level Controller Using Ultrasonic Level Sensor
  3. Heart Rate Monitor using 8051
  4. Electronic Voting Machine using 8051
  5. Water Level Controller and Indicator Project Kit using 8051
  6. Ultrasonic Range/Distance Finder using 8051
  7. Solar Panel/Sun Tracker using 8051
  8. RFID Door Access Control System using 8051
  9. RC5 IR Remote Control Decoder using 8051
  10. PC Based Notice Board/Scrolling Message Display
  11. Password Based Home Security System using 8051
  12. Natural Gas Leak Detector Project using 8051
  13. Frequency Counter Kit using 8051
  14. Line Follower Robot using 8051

Note:- We also offer ‘Ready Made Kits‘ for those students who are in need of quick needs like technical competitions, presentations etc.

DIY Project Kits are available in the areas of:

We assure you:

  • Free hardware repair and service whenever the need arises in the duration of project work
  • 360-degree education approach with the help of audio-visuals, technical documentation and our blog  “CircuitsToday
  • 100% Guaranteed output for every project

We provide knowledge to students in the following areas:

  • Practical Electronics and Complete Knowledge about the project
  • Programming Concepts
  • Circuit Design parameters
  • Hands on Assembling experience
  • De-bugging independently and enhancing the fault finding skills
  • Component Identification, Soldering & Hardware Assembly Techniques
  • To take up higher order practical research work in Embedded System

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