On this page we give a bio of our select authors, who enrich CircuitsToday with great, informative and useful articles.


Anish is an engineering student from India with a specific interest in Embedded systems and Robotics. Anish covers topics related to Embedded systems and Robotics in CircuitsToday. As part of his academics, Anish has undergone professional training sessions, attended conferences and had taken seminars on various topics like Embedded systems, Artificial intelligence, MEMS technology, and Robotics subjects. Anish will publish articles on every Tuesday.

 Rakesh Bute

Rakesh is an Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering student from Asansol Engineering College, West Bengal. He is passionate about electronics and technology from his childhood, which later turned out to be his academics major and hobby as well.  He is good at analog/digital electronics and is fairly knowledgeable with embedded C programming.  Rakesh will be contributing a series of articles to CircuitsToday about AVR series microcontrollers. Rakesh’s interests are versatile and he is currently pursuing knowledge about many of them. 

Avaneet Ranjan

Avaneet RanjanAvaneet has done his Electronics and Communication Engineering degree from Lovely Professional University, Punjab. Although being an ECE engineer, he found his interest in Image Processing. His interest is not only limited to MATLAB but also to different programming languages through which Image Processing can be implemented. He is also writing research papers related to Image Processing and their applications in Robotics. Avaneet will be contributing a series of articles to CircuitsToday about Image Processing and its implementation. Avaneet is keenly interested in Research and Development and is totally devoted to study the depths in it and to impart the knowledge he gained over the years. Currently, He is focused on a university-level project in developing a self-driving car.

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