Mix Your Cocktail Using a Keyboard

john September 26, 2011 No Comments
  People often say that drinking and writing go hand in hand. This expression is turning out to be true since the invention of the typewriter that can mix different drinks with the help of a simple button press. The device was developed by a Russian artist and DIYer Morskoiboy. It mainly consists of a QWERTY keyboard in which each letter is assigned to each drink. The end of each key is attached to a separate hydraulic system. With...
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Pocket size FM radio station

jojo January 21, 2009 41 Comments
The above video claims  you can make a pocket size FM radio station and  the highlight is you dont need an antenna to do this. A small battery is enough to power and it will last for 5 to 7 hrs. This small battery powered FM radiostation even dont need a antenna to broadcast your program into the entire neighborhood for up to a mile or more . It use’s a Onboard Magnetic Loop Antenn, which is the outside...
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Will a PCB in microwave oven explode?

jojo January 14, 2009 7 Comments
Watch this video now! is it true or a damn non sense? We can see that the guy who  looks like an astronaut places the PCB inside microwave & runs away! Within 10 seconds the oven explodes & they claim that – if a PCB is placed inside an oven (switched ON) – it will explode! Take a close look @ the video. Before the PCB catches fire, microwave oven starts to burn from backside! Did you see? Take...
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Photo Etching-Printed Circuit Boards

jojo January 20, 2012 2 Comments
Here’s a descriptive video on How to perform Photo Etching on a PCB. This video also is based on “home PCB making techniques” – which helps electronic minds(electronics projects) to develop PCB’s from home. Such techniques are always interesting as an experiment & a means to save money!