How is ARM Programming Different?

john July 18, 2016 1 Comment
Programming ARM MCUs – What is Different? There are very, very few engineers or electronics enthusiasts who started programming with ARM microcontrollers right away. Most come to ARM looking for higher processing capabilities, with a background in simple 8-bit MCUs. In the previous article on How to Setup and Install the Development Environment for ARM , it was shown how to set up the Keil ARM tools to be able to compile programs and generate output files. However, before...
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How to Install and Setup Compiler with Development Environment for ARM7

Pratik Panda June 15, 2016 No Comments
If you have read the previous article – Why switch to ARM ? Introduction to ARM Micro Controllers – you must have had a basic idea on what makes ARM7 superior to other more commonly found 8-bit architectures. You must also have noticed the complexity of the ARM architecture. The flexible and modular design makes ARM affordable and fast – but at the same time very complex to understand for beginners. It may take weeks to just get the...
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Why switch to ARM ? Introduction to ARM Micro Controllers

Pratik Panda June 15, 2016 1 Comment
It is true that beginners should start off with 8051 or AVR to get a clear understanding of how microcontrollers work. The documentation of these devices is very readable and simple to understand. But if you have worked with these architectures for some time, you have probably felt your creativity being throttled by the resource constraints that these devices impose on you. 512 bytes of RAM?! What can you possibly do with 512 bytes? Some people might argue that...
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