30 Watts Audio amplifier Circuit


A 30 watt audio amplifier circuit using TDA2040 is shown here. TDA2040 is a Class AB monolithic integrated audio amplifier available in Pentawatt package. The IC has low harmonic distortion, low cross over distortion and has a built in circuitry for short circuit protection.

In the circuit two TDA2040 ICs are wired in BTL (Bridge Tied Load) configuration in order to deliver 30W output into an 8 ohm speaker at +/-16V DC supply. Capacitor C1 is the input DC decoupling capacitor. Network comprising of components R2, C4, R3 provides feedback for IC1 while R7, C6, R8 network provides feedback for IC2. Network C5, R5 and C9, R9 provides high frequency stability. Capacitors C2, C3 filters the positive supply rail while capacitors C7, C8 filters the negative supply rail.

30 Watts Audio amplifier circuit diagram.

Audio amplifier circuit diagram
Audio amplifier circuit diagram-30 Watts


  • A well designed and good quality PCB will always improve sound quality.
  • Use +/-16V DC dual supply for powering the amplifier.
  • Heat sinks are necessary for IC1 and IC2.
  • Load can be an 8 ohm speaker.
  • C2, C7 must be rated 25V and other electrolytics can be 10 or 15V.


  1. Brian Hutchins

    30 Watts Audio amplifier circuit diagram.

    for the record, this is NOT a 30 watt amplifier, it’s actually 44 watts, and this is because each one of the TDA2040s is capable of outputting 22 watts when the voltage is 18-20 volts.

  2. where can i connect a volume regulator & how can i use ac instead of dc

  3. Hi,

    Can the Circuit provide 30 watts at 12 Volts Dc ( car charger Voltage)



  4. Brandon Cooper

    What is the minimum amperes required sir Seetharaman?

    • Seetharaman

      with 8 ohms load and plus minus 16 volt supply the current requirement is around 2amps

  5. Greetings,

    I’m a bit of a newbie, but I love to experiment. I thought I would try to make a small guitar amplifier using some of the circuit designs posted here. I’m thinking of using this 30 Watt design (actually, the single 12VDC version mentioned in the comments below), but feed it with a preamp (https://www.circuitstoday.com/guitar-pre-amplifier-using-ua-741) to be able to adjust input gain and have some tone control. Then I would like to add a “master” volume on the backend, but I haven’t found any circuit designs for this. Only digital volume circuits, but I’d like to use a pot.

    Question #1: Can I simply connect the OUTPUT of the pre-amp to the INPUT of this amp circuit? If not, what adjustments would I need to make?

    Question #2: How can I add a master volume to this amplifer circuit? In the comments below, you mention adding a volume pot to the INPUT of this circuit. That’s sort of what I’d be doing with the pre-amp. Would it be logical to place a volume pot somewhere in the OUTPUT?

    Thanks in advance. I’m glad I stumbled upon this site. 🙂

  6. is it possible for connecting mobile audio out to apmlifier input?

  7. seetharaman

    Yes you can use TDA2030 ic. These ics are in pentawatt package that is 5 pins dual in line (T0220 package with 5 leads), as you view the IC left first pin is 1 next is 2 middle is 3 next to it is 4 and finally 5. pl refer to TDA 2030 data sheet for further details

  8. hello sir,
    m an engineering student…..
    can i use tda2030 in above circuit instead of tda2040?
    coz tda2040 is not available on even multisim11…..
    n what are those no.s around the op-amp lyk 1,2,3,4,5?

    • Brian Hutchins

      can i use tda2030 in above circuit instead of tda2040?? YES, just remember to lower the voltage to 12-14 volts. and for the record, you can also find the TDA2030 amplifier kits on Ebay, I have built a lot of them and the actually work quite nicely, how ever, ion my opinion, they lack the preamplifier stage so for a bass or other guitar amplifier, they’re not very well suited. as for an MP3 player of your phone, they will kick ass.

  9. which law? me i do not have any problem i need to transmit my video above 10km, if it is not possible, send to me the circuit that i can use, may i use a mixer power amplifier?

  10. seetharaman

    Hi Sylvain. Sorry it is not possible as it is against law.

  11. i have problem of knowing if this amplifier can not be used to the tv transmitter? please help me or send me other compatible circuit thanks

  12. seetharaman

    You can use a 22K log volume control connect slider (center of potentiometer) to C1 +ve. one end of the pot to ground and the other end to input signal.

  13. how to add a volume potentiometer to this audio power amplifier?

  14. Seetharaman

    Hi Sylvain C1,2,4,6 & 7 are 25volt electrolytic capacitors.
    C3,5,8,9 are 25 volt or greater ceramic disc capacitors.
    This IC is for audio amplification only. the frequency response is limited to 100KHz.

  15. in this 30 Watts Audio amplifier Circuit using TDA2040 what are ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors,please tell me the voltage rates for electrolytic capacitors. Can i use this amplifier as tunable power amplifier for TV transmitter presented before?

  16. Any way to make this or something similar run of 12v dc (for car) or even the 14 volt alternator load?.

    Looking for something that i can use with a 50 what pa speaker, I don’t want to build this and have it not work

    • Brian Hutchins

      Any way to make this or something similar run of 12v dc (for car) or even the 14 volt alternator load? Yes, this will work on a 12-14 v load, however the wattage won’t be nearly as high as the specified voltage. at 12 volts and an 8 ohm load, you’ll be putting out 6.5-7 watts, where as 16 volts would give you an output of abound 12 watts. it WILL taka a little bit of a hit as far as wattage is concerned, but in theory, YES is will run on 12 volts.

  17. Seetharaman

    Hi Suryaprakash all are available with vega kits mumbai, ritchi street market chennai. texonic instruments chennai and bangalore. if you give your location i can suggest the nearby seller to you.

  18. Surya Prakash


    Kindly inform me as to from where i can get all the electronic items such as IC etc in India. Eversince i became a member of your site i am missing lot items to do because of non availability of parts. I once again request you to please inform the supplier of the kits or the parts required and oblige

    thanking you

    yours sincerely,

    surya prakash c n

    • Brian Hutchins

      Kindly inform me as to from where i can get all the electronic items such as IC etc in India. I would start with Ebay as you can get the kits for as little as $1.95 US. you’re probably going to have to wait for them to get in, but it’s WAY cheaper to buy the kits than it is each separate component.