Magneto Resistor – Symbol, Working, Types & Characteristics

john November 9, 2017 3 Comments
Back in 1856, William Thomson a Scots-Irish mathematical physicist and engineer while experimenting with iron pieces discovered a phenomenon called magneto-resistance. This effect was later on used to build a special type of variable resistor known as magneto-resistor. In this article you shall get a brief about a magneto – resistor: its working principle, characteristics and applications. So let’s delve in! What is a Magneto Resistor? It was found by Sir William Thomson that, when the iron pieces were...
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Carbon Film Resistor – Working, Construction & Applications

john October 29, 2017 1 Comment
Carbon Film Resistor One of the most used “passive devices” in an electric or electronic circuit is undoubtedly the resistor. Since it has wide range of applications they are found in different varieties. According to the type of resistance they offer, these devices are often classified as fixed or variable resistors. However, the resistors, either fixed or variable are not same in construction and hence are termed according to their type of construction. One of these resistor type is...
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Photoresistor – Symbol, Working, Types & Applications

john October 29, 2017 6 Comments
Photoresistor – A Detailed Guide While walking through the streets in the evening, have you ever noticed how the street lights turn on automatically as it starts getting darker?  This automatic switching ON of the street lights are due to the presence of a special type of variable resistor on its circuit. The resistance of this variable resistor depends on the amount of light that falls on it. Such a resistor is called the photo-resistor, and in this article...
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Thermistor – Working, Symbol, Types & Applications

john October 11, 2017 4 Comments
If you are looking for a temperature sensor that is cost effective and accurate, your first choice may be a thermistor. It is a type of resistor whose resistance changes with change in temperature.  This article deals with the working, types and applications of a thermistor. Lets start! What is a Thermistor? Coined from the words “THERmally controlled resISTOR”, thermistor is a temperature controlled resistor. The resistance offered by this solid state temperature controlled device depends on the ambient...
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Variable Resistor – Working, Construction, Types & Applications

john September 22, 2017 1 Comment
Variable Resistor – Working, Construction, Types & Applications One of the critical pieces in an electric circuit, the resistor is the most omnipresent electronic component. Available in wide varieties, these resistors can be used in various applications.  Resistors are broadly classified as fixed and variable resistors, according to the type of resistance value they offer. Here, in this article we shall discuss about variable resistors, its definition, types and uses. Let’s start! What is a Variable Resistor? A variable...
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Potentiometer – Working, Circuit Diagram, Construction & Types

john September 22, 2017 5 Comments
Potentiometer – Working, Circuit Diagram, Construction & Types Resistor, a small bundle of resistance, is one of the most used basic components in an electric circuit. Mostly used to regulate the current flow by adding/subtracting resistance from the circuit, these resistors are available in many shapes and sizes. These resistors can be broadly classified as fixed and variable resistors. As their respective names suggest, a fixed resistor has a single fixed value of resistance, whereas a variable resistor has...
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Varistor – Symbol, Working, Types & Applications

john September 22, 2017 6 Comments
Varistor – Symbol, Working, Types and Applications The small package of resistance, the resistor is used in so many circuits, in so many forms, that it is almost an omnipresent electric component. From the very basic fixed resistors, where the resistance remains unchanged, to different types of variable resistors, whose resistances change according to different factors. The variable resistors are of different types; there are ones in which the effective length of the resistive strip plays role in changing...
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Ballast Resistor – Working, Types, Applications & Uses

john September 22, 2017 1 Comment
Ballast Resistor – Working, Types, Applications & Uses According to the English dictionary, “ballast” means something that gives stability. Thus when referring to an electrical ballast, we mean an electrical device that plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the electrical circuit. However, the question you may have is how does it provide the stability? Some electric ballasts limit current while some limit voltage, depending upon the circuit in which they are used. By doing so, they...
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Digital Potentiometer – Working, Internal Structure & Applications

john September 22, 2017 47 Comments
Digital Potentiomter – Working, Internal Structure & Applications One of the most common types of variable resistors is the potentiometer. Potentiometer or “pots”, are three terminal devices, used to vary the resistance in a circuit. We have dealt in depth about this topic, in our article “potentiometers”, if you want to learn about the basics of a pot, this article will be useful for you. Pots that ware available nowadays varies in operation. Some are mechanically operated, while some...
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Resistors in Series – Complete Guide

jojo September 27, 2017 6 Comments
Resistor, the most basic yet essential passive component of an electronic circuit, is nothing but a device that restricts the flow of current. So why is it called passive? It is called so because it dissipates power rather than generating it in a circuit. Some practical resistors are shown in the image below. In this article, we are going to learn in detail about Resistors in Series or in simple words a Series Circuit. The figure 1 (above image)...
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