In this project, let’s learn about automatic wiper control using NE555 IC. As you all know, NE/SE 555 is one of the most common timer IC ever created in the world. There is absolutely no electronics enthusiast who has never played with the 555 IC. We’ve extensively covered 555 IC, where we have a big list of 555 based projects

This circuit is pretty simple, where it has a 555 IC, a couple of passive components, a motor, two transistors (to drive the motor) and a power supply. We’ve recently published a car wiper control using Arduino -which you can check if you’re interested.


A continuously working wiper is a big problem when it is raining slightly. The wiper control given here makes the wiper to sweep at rates from 1S to 10 S.

The circuit is built around an astable multivibrator using NE 555. Here the output at pin 3 remains high for a time period set by R2, and low for a time period set by R3. The low output pulse drives the transistor pair to drive the wiper motor to make one sweeping cycle and waits for the next low pulse to arrive for the next sweep. The high going pulse at pin 3 determines how many time should wiper should sweep in a given period of time.


Connect the circuit to the 12V line from Vehicle and connect the wiper motor and wiper switch as shown in the figure.

For setting the device first find out how much time it is required for the wiper to complete one sweep cycle.Now adjust R3 such that wiper makes correct one sweep cycle. Fix R2 somewhere on the dashboard. And now the system is ready to use.

You can adjust the sweep rate of the wiper using R2 according to the intensity of rain.

Circuit Diagram with Parts List.

Wiper control circuit

 Modified Version of the wiper speed control circuit

A modified version of the wiper speed control circuit is shown below. A diode is added across R3 makes the charging time and discharging time independent of each other. A freewheeling diode is added across the wiper motor. The transistors are replaced by a MOSFET for better switching characteristics. I recommend this circuit over the previous one.

wiper speed control



  1. Hi there,
    I’m designing the similar system which a wiper motor is used. In my design I wanna sort some stuff on conveyor in two different lanes(two different conveyors). So a wiper will sort all items according to their barcodes. basically I wanna control the process from my PLC and it is able to provide signal to your circuit(replacing with wiper switch). Do you think it’s possible to use your circuit in this case?


  2. santhoshkumar

    this circuit supply -ve voltage intermittently to the motor, so the wiper motor working
    intermittently. if the motor automatically connecting with the vehicle’s body that is usually -ve grounded, may be the circuit effective?

  3. santosh Kulkarni

    I tried this circuit but I am not successfully made it.

    I used 6110 transistor and I don’t know about 2n3055 because it is available in two types, one is in big size and packed in metal body and another is a small three pin Transistor.please tell me whats wrong with my circuit?

  4. suppose i need To make my wiper move clockwise for 1s and anticlockwise for another 1s. so please tell me the value of r1 & r2.
    moreover voltage at motor m1 2 is at 12V and 1 is at 0v So how is it motor going to change….

  5. for how many volts motor this circuit is applicable? will it be possible to use it for 12 volt motor? please help me

  6. Nabeel Al-hossiny

    This circuit is one of large wide use of 555 Ic

    I like this circuit & it can be used for many applications

    as example using light insted of motor

    thank you

  7. it is projected onto the wafer with intense ultraviolet light. The parts of the chip that are exposed to the light are then etched with gases and showered with ions to create transistors (see microprocessor). The transistors are connected when later cycles of the fabrication process lay down metal and insulation. Chip manufacturers fabricate chips in extremely clean environments because a single speck of dust can ruin the design of a chip that relies upon millions of microscopic electronic components.

  8. I am a Sri Lankan who owns a 1980 Nissan Patrol 160. When I bought this 12 years ago most of the electric control modules were missing, including the wiper control module. I am interested in putting up this wiper control circuit published in your website. But my vehicle runs with 24 volts. Can anyone help me adjust the circuit to suit 24 volts? I greatly appreciate.

    Colomb, Sri Lanka

    • santosh Kulkarni

      Ya the circuit can be used on 24 v dc.But some changes should be made for this,1.use 7812 voltage regulator before the main supply.but let me know about you’r car battery. is there two battery inside the bonnet?If yes then use 7812.and if there are only one battery inside the bonnet then you don,t need to do changes in circuit.