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We are publishing a new Infographic in this post, featuring the Top 8 Countries with High Salary for Electronics Engineers. Our first Infographics was on the History of Electronics – which we published a few years back. We received a very good response for that infographic from our readers. However, owing to lack of time for quality research we kept ourselves from publishing another one till date. Finally, here we are with another interesting infographic which is going to excite you all electronics professionals! Go through the infographics and feel free to give your response in the comments section.

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Top 8 Countries with High Salary for Electronics Engineers


United States of America

Fresher → $ 39K to 87K (Fresher Average Salary $ 63,791)
Middle Level → $ 53K to 104K
Senior Level → $ 68K to 150K
Total Average Salary → $ 74,838

United Kingdom

Fresher → £ 17K to 36K  (Fresher Average Salary £ 27,254)
Middle Level → £20K to 41K
Senior Level → £ 23K to 49K
Total Average Salary →£ 36,515


Fresher → Euro 24K to 39K (Fresher Average Salary → Euro 31,985)
Middle Level → Euro 34K to 55K
Senior Level → Euro 47K 65K
Total Average Salary → Euro 46,356


Fresher → INR 147K to 470K  (Fresher Average Salary INR 3,60,000)
Middle Level → INR 370K to 750K
Senior Level → INR 950K to 2400K
Total Average Salary → INR 72,00,00


Fresher → C$ 39K to 51K  (Fresher Average Salary → C$ 45,231)
Middle Level → C$ 44K to 67K
Senior Level → C$ 63K to 82K
Average Salary → C$ 59,446


Fresher → AU$ 48K to 60K  (Fresher Average Salary AU$ 54,332)
Middle Level → AU$ 57K to 86K
Senior Level →AU$ 82K to 110K
Total Average Salary →AU$ 73,605


Fresher → CNY 51K to 100K  (Fresher Average Salary AU$ 75,876)
Middle Level → CNY 90K to 160K
Senior Level →CNY 140K to 230K
Total Average Salary → CNY 156,605


Fresher → S$ 23K to 37K  (Fresher Average Salary S$ 30,449)
Middle Level → S$ 32K to 61K
Senior Level →S$ 58K to 84K
Total Average Salary → S$ 46,149



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