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Ever thought how the world as we see it now evolved? How came great inventions and discoveries? What were the reasons behind all these great inventions like Diodes, Transistors, IC”s and Micro computers? Here we have developed an Infographics (representing information with the help of graphics) which shows the “History of Electronics”.

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Electronics Infographics



  1. @JOJO Please Check And Google Julius Lilienfeld….He Had A Theoretical Model of a Transistor and in 1925 took out a Patent on his INCREDIBLE Invention..Even though the Transistor was developed Years Later By Our Friends At Bell Laboratories. It look the guys a little time to be able to claim The Transistor as their Invention!!! In 1925 I doubt his invention would not be welcomed in the Tube Dominated World. American Author Forrest Mimms wrote about Julius in one of his books about Transistors,,,Please try to see My Opinion,,, Julius was WAY ahead of his Time when it came to Semiconductor development,,,,I rest my case!!!

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    @Rakesh, Sudipta, Denis, Simranjit, Esam

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    This graphic is developed with a “general aptitude” like – “Capacitor” – is considered as a single invention (under which comes many variations of same like Electrolytic capacitor!). So importance is for the invention of “capacitor” – not a variation of the same. I hope you got the idea!

  3. It`s Really too Bad You Didn`t include Julius lilienfeld…He Came up with the Theoretical Version of The Transistor as well as the Development of The Electrolytic Capacitor!!! So Many Web Sites Dismiss Mr LilienFeld as a Non Contributor To Electronics Development But That Is far from the Truth!! This was a Great Time machine of Electronics,,By the Way where is The LIKE Button!!

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    We are knowing the fact of science is progressive to a human world.

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