6 Volt regulator circuit using 7806

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6 Volt Regulator using IC 7806


Here is the elementary 6V 1A power supply circuit using 7806 IC. The 7806 three-terminal positive voltage regulator is available in the TO-220/D-PAK package making them useful in a wide range of applications. 7806  employs internal current limiting, thermal shut down and safe operating area protection, making it essentially indestructible. If proper heat sinking is provided, it can deliver over 1 ampere output current.

6 Volt Regulator – Parts List

Voltage Regulator IC7806
Transformer230V Primary
9V Secondary
Diode2Amps Bridge
C2, C30.01uF

Voltage Regulator Circuit Diagram 

6 Volt regulator circuit

6 Volt regulator Circuit Diagram

Pin out of 7806


From the 78XX Voltage Regulator Integrated Circuit series, 7806 IC is used to regulate the output voltage to 6 Volts (Fixed constant value with minimal fluctuations). Many chip manufacturing companies provide this IC with different output current and over-current protection characteristics. Each IC may have different output current characteristics varying from 1 Amp to 1.5 Amps. Refer datasheets to know which one you will need to design your 6V regulator.

The 7806 IC is also available in T)-3, TO-252, TO-92 & SO-8 packages.


  • If 2A bridge is not available make one with four 1N 4007 diodes.
  • Fit a proper heat sink with 7806 if your circuit draws  more than 400mA current.
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    Hi Shruthi the IC is a fixed 8 volt series pass regulator input for the IC can be between 11volt and 35volt. It has built in voltage reference, comparators, current sense limit, thermally safe area of operation and series pass transistors. kindly refer Motorola datasheet and its internal drawings.

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    Hi GBENGA you can use the same circuit with additional PNP transistors. you require 6 volt at 4amps you can use the following principle as done for 12 volt.

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      First of all 7806 alone can’t deliver more than 1A. You need extra circuitry to boost the current capability.Using a series pass transistor is a good option.

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